After graduating from Slade School of Fine Art with a 1st, Bronwen has produced and directed films for countless channels and online platforms including The New York Times, Channel 4, BBC, Tate, Christies, Nowness and Vice.

“Bronwen Parker-Rhodes’ films and photography are loaded with physicality. Drawing from her experience as an erotic dancer, she believes that nothing communicates with more power than intimacy.” HUCK MAGAZINE

“Part documentary film-maker, part artist and stalker of lion tamers, moose hunters, orcs and Vivienne Westwood, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes is a filmmaker whose work plunges us into grainy intimacy with stories that are obsessive, eccentric and out of the ordinary.” UNDER/CURRENT MAGAZINE

"Better than a weekend in the country."  NANCY BANKS-SMITH, THE GUARDIAN 

“Rich with significant detail, yet seemingly strung together incidental, casual scenes, a Parker-Rhodes short is the film equivalent of a punchy work of literary journalism, or a poetic Carver vignette.”  BAD IDEA MAGAZINE

“Pictures so mesmerising I dropped my hat, gloves and fell into Bronwen’s world.”  DAVID SAUNDERS, DAVID DAVID