Ice Hunters (in production)

Series of portraits on Greenlandic hunters.

Beloved (in production)

A study in the bizarre rules of attraction.

Liliane, Tate

Portrait of kinetic artist Liliane Lijn.

After Birth, The New York Times

Six women openly discuss the effects of pregnancy and motherhood on their bodies.


Tania Bruguera, Tate

Exhibition film for Tania Bruguera.

The Eric Albada Jelgersma Collection, Christies

Auction film about the Dutch Golden Age.

Maggi, Tate

Portrait of British painter Maggi Hambling. 

Goshka, Tate

Portrait of Polish conceptual artist Goshka Macuga.


Valerie, Tate

Portrait of French artist Valerie Mrejen.

Opie, Tate

Portrait film on American photographer Catherine Opie.

Rachel Whiteread, Tate 

Exhibition film for Rachel Whiteread.

Carpet Stains, Leng Records

Music video for Auf Togo.


Sirkka-Liisa, Tate

Portrait of Finnish photographer Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen.

Nautilus, Christies 

Nicholas Foulkes discusses his passion for the Nautilus watch.

Why Am I So Easily Pleased? 

Music video for Big Girls.

Rembrandt Etchings, Christies

Contemporary artist Alex Massouras shows how Rembrandt worked with etching.

The Singh Twins, Christies

Short film to accompany Arts of India auction at Christies.


Fashion film for Mexican clothing label Golondrina Collection.


The Basement, Leng Records

Music video for Auf Togo.

Martine and Erica

Short film about menswear designer Martine Rose and animator Erica Russell.

Bully, Vice

Portrait of Alicia Bognanno, frontwoman for Nashville based rock band Bully.

Dear DeliciousNowness / Iconoclast

A glimpse into the intimate relationship between a stripper and her customer. 
Screened at : London Short Film Festival 2016, CineKink NYC Film Festival March 2016, Official selection for the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2016, Le Bal Paris July 2016.

Agent Provocateur, We Folk / Alice Hawkins

Series of online look-book films for AW15.

Project X , Coco de Mer / TBWA

Collaboration with Walter Campbell and Rankin for Coco de Mer.


Free Speech, BBC3

On January 1st 2014, UK immigration restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians were lifted, on the same day Victor Spirescu arrived in the UK to look for work, only to meet crowds of media...

Rocket Men, Vice

Every year for a week in August, a group of amateur rocketeers convene at the Fairlie Moor Rocket Site, not far from Glasgow, to blast their DIY shuttles and spaceships into the skies. This is International Rocket Week.  

Girl Eats Food, Vice

Ooh Baby, I like It Raw (Milk)

Cute When I Cry

Music video for the band Good Girl and The Bad Times.
Screened at inHOUSE Film Festival 2014.


Me & Alan, Vice

These five women are all in love with the same man. Here, they explore their shared passion for the man of their dreams. 
Screened at : Raindance Film Festival 2014, se23 Film Festival 2014.

Teenage Exorcists, Vice

Sick of taking responsibility for the shitty things that have happened to you in your life? Help is on the way, in the virginal and strangely vacant form of three Bible-thumping teenage exorcists from Phoenix, Arizona.

Femen: Sextremism in Paris, Vice

To find out why women are flashing their tits in the name of feminism, VICE spent a weekend in Paris with Inna Shevchenko and her French Femen sisters.

The Warrior Women of Asgarda, Vice

Katerina Tarnovska is a Ukrainian preschool teacher, a kickboxing world champion and a self-proclaimed descendent of the legendary warrior women of the Amazon.

Aktau, Spine TV

Quietly studying the beauty in Aktau’s extremities, the film seeks to explore the culture, isolation and daily life in this small part of Kazakhstan.


Let The Forest Judge, Arts Council / RSC

World renowned theatre director Calixto Bieito rehearses his new play composed from original verse from Shakespeare’s woodland scenes. Forests takes audiences from As You Like It’s Forest of Arden, through to the moving trees of Macbeth’s Birnam Wood, and ending in the bare wilderness of King Lear’s cliffs of Dover.


Hazel, Spine TV

Portrait of Hazel Gale European full contact kickboxing champion.


Documentary following prima ballerina Maria Kochetkova as she prepares for a performance of a new solo work at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre.
Screened at Le Bal Paris 5th Dec 2012.


Living With Us, Spine TV

Spine TV’s debut full-length film examining the intimate relationship between animal and trainer.
Screened at Soho Hotel, August 2010.


Apes Can’t Dance, Spine TV

Man is homo sapiens, the rational and responsible animal, but what is sapience? In this 9 part series, Adam Parker-Rhodes gives a new powerful explanation of how naturally evolved creatures like us can think and have conscious minds.

Rihanna Now, Prettybird

Behind the scenes with popstar Rihanna.

Vivienne and Lovelock

Vivienne Westwood interviews James Lovelock.

Weevil Man

A film about the unusual world of an insect obsessive.

Makapua Diary

A diary of Makapau station, New Zealand.

St. Tropez

Music video for London based artist Rollo Jean.
Screened at BigChill Festival August 2009, Le Bal Paris June 2016.

Live East Die Young

DOP on feature film directed by Laura Hypponen.
Nominated for Best UK Feature at Raindance 2012.



A Portrait of Leonard Knight, the creator of Salvation Mountain, Niland California.

Kurban Bayrami

A look at the Turkish Festival of Sacrifice, supported by the URA! Gallery Istanbul.


How to be a ZombieChannel 4

For one day a year, the Milton Keynes scout camp is taken over by zombies. This instructional video will help you if you are infected.

Inverno and the Beast, Channel 4

In the mythical land of Albertrina (Turin, Italy) an unexpected duel is taking place between the Prince and the infidel Inverno…

Skullduggery, Channel 4

In the woods of Kent a creature from a fire dimension takes vengance on trolls, elves, beastkins and human warriors alike.

The Clan of Gudash Kraun, Channel 4

Last year the Orc Clan of Gudash Kraun were attacked by a group of elves. This year they return to the same forest in Sweden and prepare to take revenge… and maybe a child. 

Nini Hunts Truffles, Channel 4

Deep in the heart of the Perigord forest in south west France, Daniel Chaume and his 250kg sow Nini hunt for the elusive black diamond Truffle.
Screened at BFI 2007.

“Better than a weekend in the country… Delightful!” — Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian. 

Donna Hunts Moose, Channel 4

Donna the dog, and her master Goran on a traditional Swedish moose hunt.
Screened at : BFI 2007, Host Gallery 25th Oct 2010.

Diane Hunts Natasha, Channel 4

Natasha, a tan Labrador cross went missing on 22nd March 2005. Diane and Roy Cousins (both 55) have re-mortgaged their house and sold their wedding rings to raise the £40,000 reward to help find Natasha. They have hired pet detectives, covered the outside of their car with photos of the dog, and paid for advertising campaigns. They are still looking.
Screened at BFI 2007.

Jekyl Hunts Pigeons, Channel 4

Jekyl the Falcon and his handler embark on the urban hunt for pigeon pests on the rooftops of London. 
Screened at BFI 2007.

Chromium Dumb Belle, Current TV

Fashion Designer and Illustrator Joanne Burke tells us the stories and inspiration behind her creations.


Bird Man

A glimpse into the world of a falconer and his beloved birds.
Screened at Smalls Shot Film Festival 2006, Brighton Documentary Film Festival 2006.

“This film follows the simple, classic slow-reveal structure that works so well in short-form documentary… it exhibits subtle commonality with the filmmaker’s other documentaries.” — Charlie Phillips, The Guardian. 

Apion Man

A film about Mark Russell the entomologist and artist who draws weevils.
Screened at : BFI 2007, The Brighton Documentary Film Festival 2006.

“Ostensibly a well judged ‘process’ film in which the man is revealed to be drawing, in large scale, a diminutive beetle. But its close-ups of the insect’s shiny black body armour are also slightly sinister when seen in the context of the filmmaker’s other films.” — Charlie Phillips, The Guardian. 

Lily, Channel 4

Winner of the FourDocs award for best short documentary, Sheffield DocFest 2006. The intimate portrait of a philosophy student and stripper.
Screened at : Sheffield DocFest 2006Smalls Short Film Festival 2006, ICA Noise Festival 2006, TruckArt at Art Car Boot Fair 2007, Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2007, BFI 2007Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival Seoul Korea 2009.

“Surreal, mysterious, biographical, sexy, witty and feminine. As a statement it has hints of the work of Dadaist Max Ernst, particularly in the filmmaker’s focus on winged costumes, masks and shiny carapaces that reappear in her other two films Apion Man and Bird Man.” — Charlie Phillips, The Guardian. 


Screened at : Halloween Short Film Festival 2007, London International Documentary Festival 2007.